Come One, Come All...

Come see The Wizards of Weird and their amazing traveling road show. The Wizards will take you on a wild and wonderful celebration of global weirdness. They amuse, entertain, enlighten and inspire audiences everywhere with their stunning show in which they share an inside look at the odd, the audacious, the historical, the hysterical, the sights and scenes they have documented whilst traveling the world in search of the peculiar and unusual.

Ron Lyon and Jenny Paschall are the creators and producers of Ripleys Believe It or Not, Discovery Channel’s Would You Believe It, and the Travel Channel’s Strangest Remains, Most Haunted Journeys and The Best Places to Find UFO’s. They have also written 4 strange and funny trivia books – Beyond Belief, Hatches Matches and Dispatches, Odd Laws and Brain in a Box.

When the Wizards spring into action, they will regale you with their strange stories and amazing experiences. You will hear the stories behind the stories, see new, previously unseen footage, and they’ll tell you how they find amazing people and places and make television shows that are watched by millions around the world.

Ron and Jenny have met alien abductees, unwrapped mummies and filmed phantoms. They have seen the strangest collections of bodies and bones. They have marveled at the work of awesome artists, like the guy who’s determined to paint an entire mountain. The Wizards have been to the real Castle Frankenstein and have followed in the footsteps of Dracula. This intrepid couple have been to some of the most extraordinary places and met the most eccentric people on the planet.

If you want to arrange a great evening of wonderful world wide insanity, call the Wizards and hey presto, magic will be in the air.